• 120cm bed
  • 8ft long runners
  • About 21kg
  • coolerbox-seat back-part on the runners
  • big strawbag behind the seat
  • possible to attach trailer behind

Most popular model. This multi-use sled can use for everything: lightweight for smaller teams and tough for big teams, small and handy for LD-races or attach pulka behind and setup is ready for multi-day adventures! Short bed makes the sled very agile to drive on curvy trails. Coolerbox on seat and big strawbag makes sled very roomy to pack a lot of stuff.

Starting price 2400€.

Starting price includes sled body with stantard measurements, sledbag with ventilation windows, seat and strawbag. Customize you sled:

  • extra pocket +30€/pocket
  • removable wall inside the sledbag +35€
  • skipole bag +35€
  • musher snackbag +40€
  • handlebar to your own heigh +300€

Contact: / +358400818720